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F/A-18 Hornet

The F/A-18 is an impressive 2-engine multi-role supersonic fighter jet and a attack aircraft for usage from aircraft carriers and conventional air bases. The primary tasks of the hornet are air superiority, fighter escort, suppression of enemy air defence, reconnaissance, forward air control (FAC) and day and night attack missions. The USA F/A-18 can be equipped with AIM-9 Sidewinder, AIM-7 Sparrow, AIM-120 AMRAAM, Harpoon, AGM-88 HARM, AGM-84 SLAM, SLAM-ER, AGM-65 Maverick missiles, AGM-154 Joint Stand-Off Weapon (JSOW), Joint Direct Attack Ammunitions (JDAM), several general purpose bombs, mines and rockets. The newest version (Super Hornet) has a improved AIM-9 missile and can also use laser guided paveway bombs.

The F/A-18 was developed to support the F-14 Tomcat aircraft onboard of United States Navy aircraft carriers. The hornet pilot can do air-to-air combats and air-to-surface combats by simply pushing a button in the cockpit.

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